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Selection of fruit infusions, 40g





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Collection of 4 different Bonomelli fruit infusions, 40 gr (20 sachets, 5 for each type), 12 units per box: pineapple and peach, purple grape and strawberry, raspberry and red currant, papaya and orange, caffeine-free and 100% natural

Characteristics : Delicious compositions that combine the vitamins of the fruit with a rich and exquisite flavor. Without caffeine and 100% natural, they are ideal at any time of the day for a break of pure pleasure. Bonomelli herb infusions are 100% natural products flavored with fruit. They can be consumed with both hot and cold water, so they can be drunk at any time of the day (without caffeine) and of the year. The collection with 4 types of infusions is for the consumer who is looking for something different and wants to try different flavors in a single solution.

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