Ciao Venezia Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, 50g



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Vegan Gluten Free Lactose Free Eggs
Caffè Borbone CIAO VENEZIA, Italian coffee in aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso, (10 caps x 5gr) x 10 units per box (100 capsules)

Characteristics : BODY 7.5/10; INTENSITY 7.5/10; SWEETNESS 9/10. Smooth, rich and refined flavor. The capsules of the CIAO VENEZIA blend are made of aluminum, to give all the aroma and extraordinary uniqueness to this coffee. A soft and rich blend, generous in perfumes and aromas, with a pleasant acidity that is never intrusive, with a unique character, like the city that bears its name. Magnificent and special, a city of glory and culture, Venice was indeed the first to welcome coffee in Italy. Caffè Borbone dedicates this extraordinary blend to him, designed to fully satisfy the taste and refinement of the most sophisticated lovers of the perfect espresso. Compatible with Nespresso (see DETAIL/additional information).

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