Dried porcini mushrooms, 10g



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Vegan Gluten Free Lactose Free Eggs
Gi AN Dried porcini mushrooms, 10g x10 units

Features : Found growing naturally in the wild, hidden among the forest under bushes and pine trees, Porcini mushrooms are loved by chefs, cooks, and food lovers alike. Porcini is a versatile mushroom that is used in soups, stews, broths, sauces, pastas, rice dishes, you name it. The prized boletus edulis mushroom is used in recipes around the world from Italy, France, Spain and throughout Asia. The meaty umami-ness of Porcini makes these mushrooms a must-have for any mushroom lover. How to Use Dried Porcini Mushrooms in Cooking: Using Porcini or any dried mushrooms in cooking is pretty easy. Simply rehydrate the mushrooms in warm water until tender and cook them as you normally would with fresh mushrooms. If your recipe calls for chopped or diced mushrooms, be sure to rehydrate them first and then pat them dry. You can discard the water used to hydrate the mushrooms or reserve it to use as vegetable broth or to dilute your sauces.

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