Sanbitter red, 100ml



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Vegan Gluten Free Lactose Free Eggs
SANBITTER red, 100ml x 20 units

Characteristics :Red, sparkling and cheerful. Always an icon of the aperitif. When you think of a non-alcoholic aperitif, you think of Sanbittèr Rosso, which has always given Italians pleasant and carefree moments. Red color, sparkling flavor and cheerful spirit even without the addition of alcohol.
Serve Sabittèr Rosso with a "crusta" of almond flour. To make the "crusta", lightly wet the rim of the glass with lemon juice, pass the wet rim through the almond flour and then pour Sanbittèr Rosso into the glass. To create a contrast with the red color of the drink and its bitter taste, you can replace the flour with black salt.

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