5 Mistakes when cooking pasta that an Italian would never make.

Cooking pasta is very easy, it's something we all know how to do... or not?

In Spain, until very recently, great myths have persisted
false when cooking pasta such as adding oil to water
of cooking or smashing a spaghetti against the wall to check the
period, oh my God! No!
These are the five mistakes that are made when cooking pasta and that a
Italian would never commit.
Linguini alla Putanesca with Pasta Rummo. Linguini alla Putanesca with Pasta Rummo.
1. The first commandment, and the most important, of those who love
pasta above all things is always cooking pasta,
always al dente, please! . There is no greater sin than pasta
stale and slimy.
Each pasta has its times since some have nothing to do with it.
fettucini with some macaroni, a fresh or dry pasta and, for
of course, one from another of wheat. Our advice
is that you read the instructions on the package carefully and still control
Constantly make your point so that it never goes overboard. When in doubt
It is better to take it out a little hard since it will finish cooking at
bind it with the sauce.
2. Add salt to the cooking water but never oil, a useless expense
which contributes nothing to the final result.
3. Be generous with the water, the pasta should move “like a fish in the
water” to release the starch and cook evenly.
4. Never rinse pasta once cooked, the only thing that
What you achieve with this is to eliminate the starch that is necessary for
that the sauce adheres properly to the pasta. What's more, if
you add a little cooking water to your sauce you will like the
5. The pasta is cooked once the sauce is finished and added
immediately to the sauce, this way the pasta will absorb the
flavor of the sauce and will mix properly.
In more fluid sauces and with more delicate nuances as possible
being a vonglole you can finish cooking the pasta with the
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