Italian cuisine, on its way to being declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

The Italian government has begun all the procedures to have its kitchen declared Intangible Heritage by UNESCO but we will have to wait, as a deadline, until December 2025 to find out if its candidacy is approved. A prestigious recognition that cuisines such as Mexican, French, Japanese or Mediterranean already enjoy. In the application file, the Italian government highlighted the intangible cultural heritage, social practices and rituals that cuisine represents. A reflection of the country's biocultural diversity and the national tradition of preparing and eating a meal to strengthen ties with loved ones

Italian cuisine

A cuisine full of intangible values ​​that goes beyond pasta and
pizza and that cannot be explained without sitting at a table surrounded by
friends and family, or without knowing the producers and artisans who
work and manufacture the gastronomic treasures that come with
generosity the Italian land.
“A set of social practices, habits and gestures that lead to
consider the preparation and consumption of a meal as a
moment of sharing and encounter” as highlighted in the
Italian cuisine means promoting the idea of ​​quality of life and
Italianness, which is made up of art, culture, landscapes, monuments,
but also of experiences such as those of food excellence”,
said Minister Sangiuliano at the press conference held
at the Roman College
An official recognition but one that the general public has already granted to Italian cuisine decades ago since it is the favorite among all cuisines in the world, as supported by numerous studies or surveys such as the one carried out by YouGov, where 25,000 people were asked in From 24 different countries what their favorite foods were, Italian cuisine was chosen as the favorite, receiving an average popularity of 84%. TripAdvisor, the online review platform, recently crowned Rome the best gastronomic destination in the world for 2023 based on the quantity and quality of comments from its millions of users. We will have to be patient and wait until 2025 to find out what we have no doubt at Biribox : Italy has the best gastronomy in the world!