The best cherry tomatoes in the world are grown in Sicily

Cherry tomatoes have an interesting history. They are believed to be native to Central and South America, and were brought to Europe during the time of colonization. However, cherry tomatoes as we know them today, small and sweet, were developed from selective crossings in different regions of the world. These small, tasty tomatoes have become very popular around the world and are used in a variety of dishes and recipes.

But it is in the volcanic land of Sicily where this variety of tomato achieves its most delicious expression, so much so that they are considered by many gourmets to be the best cherry tomatoes in the world and account for more than 40% of total tomato consumption in Italy.
Cherry tomatoes are grown in various areas of Sicily, mainly in the provinces of Palermo, Ragusa, Catania and Siracusa. These regions offer favorable climatic conditions such as high solar radiation, dry climate that, together with their fertile soils and water with high salinity, create ideal conditions for growing high-quality cherry tomatoes.

Of all the cherry trees grown in Sicily, the “paquino” or “pachino” variety is the most valued by tomato lovers. This small tomato with a good consistency and delicate sweetness has been awarded a PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) by the European Community in order to protect its authenticity. Biribox, the first 100% online Italian food store, in its desire to bring the treasures of Italian gastronomy to the Spanish consumer, brings from Sicily the famous
Agromonte sauces made with Sicilian cherry tomatoes in different versions:

Passata sauce , vegan and gluten-free. A classic recipe brought from Sicily perfect to accompany hot pasta, pizzas or any Italian dish. A unique gourmet gift that will surprise lovers of Italian cuisine.

Cherry tomato and basil sauce , vegan and gluten-free, It is made following the traditional Sicilian recipe with top quality ingredients: hand-selected cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

Sauces that will give your pasta dishes the unique authenticity of Italian cuisine in a beautiful and easy format with surprising results like this recipe for Sicilian sauce with Passata Agromonte sauce.

Ingredients for 2 people:
1 jar of Passata Agromonte sauce.
250 g pasta. In our store you can find a wide variety of Italian pastas
1 onion
15 black olives
1 small can of anchovies
30 g capers
Olive oil.
Fresh basil.

We peel and slice the garlic. We brown it in a frying pan with a little oil. We peel the onion and cut it into julienne strips and also add it to the pan.
Let it brown a little and also add the sliced ​​black olives, a few capers and the anchovy fillets. We reserve 2 olives and 2 anchovies to decorate. We sauté.
We add the Agromonte passata sauce and let it reduce for a few minutes.
Once the pasta has boiled, we drain it and serve it along with the sauce, decorating with a little chopped basil, parsley, olive and the fresh anchovies that we have reserved.

Do you dare? We couldn't make it easier for you.
If you are gluten intolerant you can make this recipe with gluten-free pasta without giving up any of the authentic taste of Italy.