Do not be fooled. How to distinguish an authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena.

Balsamic vinegar has gone from being a product only appreciated by gourmets to filling supermarket shelves and becoming the favorite dressing in many homes in our country, but... is balsamic vinegar all dark and sweet vinegar? The answer is undoubtedly a resounding NO.
The authentic balsamic vinegar of Modena is a must of grapes from the vineyards of the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia that is reduced and aged in wooden barrels. An artisanal process called “ricalzo” that requires knowledge and a lot of time for the acetic fermentation to take place, for your information the 'extravecchio' aceto, the most expensive and coveted, undergoes an aging process of 25 years!
The result of so much care is a dense syrup, very little acid, aromatic, with many nuances of flavor and an intense dark color.

Most of the balsamic vinegars that we find in supermarkets are fake, they are not from Modena, nor are they aged in wood and have a multitude of ingredients added to simulate authentic Italian vinegars, such as sugars, other vinegars and artificial colorings. and, of course, they can't be worth €2!
To avoid fraud and protect this treasure of Italian gastronomy, an official Guardianship Consortium was created and rules were established to be able to market the product as “balsamic vinegar of Modena” as are the origin of the grapes, which must be from Modena or Reggio Emilia. , and the mandatory fermentation in wooden barrels for a minimum of 60 days.
The Guardianship Consortium established two guarantee seals: DOP (protected designation of origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), with the DOP being the highest quality and certifying that they are acetos that follow the authentic traditional process, with grape must without reduced with other ingredients and can age for up to 25 years.

PGI vinegars certify the origin and a percentage of authentic balsamic vinegar in their ingredients. A seal of quality but it is important to say that it groups together acetos of very different qualities.

As experts in Italian gastronomy, these are the things you have to take into account when choosing a good Aceto di Modena:

1-Look for the DOP or IGP quality seal , the origin must be Modena or Reggio Emilia.

2-The price , be wary of cheap acetos, we are talking about a gourmet product.

3-Look at the percentage of authentic modena balsamic vinegar that the product contains.

4-The fewer ingredients , the better! The authentic one is made only with must and is not diluted with other vinegars, juices or sweetened with sugars.

5- Aging , the longer the time, the higher the quality.

If you have a grocery store or a restaurant , a good balsamic vinegar from Modena cannot be missing from your shopping list. Your clients deserve quality
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