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Vegan Gluten Free Lactose Free Eggs
SANPELLEGRINO Sparkling water, 750 ml x 12 units

Features : The S.Pellegrino green bottle, with its unique silhouette, presents a sophisticated and elegant design. Traditional and timeless, S.Pellegrino's premium glass bottles are destined for the best restaurants, hotels and cafes in the world.
Destined for the best tables in more than 120 countries worldwide, our natural sparkling mineral water comes from a single spring in the Italian Alps. Discover the origins of S.Pellegrino and how they shape its unmistakable flavor, its soft bubbles and the magnificent pairing properties it brings to the table. Dry Residue at 180º (915 mg/L), Bicarbonates (245 mg/L), Calcium (174 mg/L), Sulfate (430 mg/L), Chlorides (52 mg/L), Sodium (33.3 mg/L) L), Nitrates (2.6 mg/L), Magnesium (51.4 mg/L), Silicon (7.1 mg/L), Strontium (2.8 mg/L), Potassium (2.2 mg/L) L), pH (7.6)

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