Black Grape and Strawberry Infusion, 24g



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Bonomelli Black Grape and Strawberry Infusion, 24 gr (12 sachets), 12 units per box

Characteristics : A perfect composition where the intense flavor of the black grape marries the delicate flavor of the strawberry. The main properties of the Black Grape are sweetness and a relaxing effect. Those of the Elder favor the activity of physiological functions that allow the elimination of excess fluids retained in the body's tissues. It is also anti-neuralgic. Those of licorice favor the expulsion of tracheal and bronchial secretions that obstruct the respiratory tract and facilitate the elimination of renal and intestinal spasms. The canine rose helps to counteract weakness, maintaining the general well-being of the organism. It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The orange is refreshing, sweet, and the strawberry and apple are refreshing.

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