Pack Nº2 Pasta and Sauces Selection, 5.18kg



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Rummo selection Italian Pasta and Sauce: 2 spaghetti grossi, 1 fettucce, 2 linguine, 2 rigatoni, 2 radiatori, 1 sugo basilico, 1 sugo arrabbiata. Total 5.18 kg of products

Characteristics : Enjoy this delicious selection of the best Italian pasta and RUMMO sauces in a special pack: *2 Spaghetti grossi n.5 LL 500g; 1 Fettuccine n.15 LL 500g; 2 Linguine n.13 LL 500g; 2 Rigatoni n.50 LL 500g; 2 Radiators n.137 LL 500g; 1 Tomato sauce with basil 340g; 1 Arrabbiata Sauce 340 g

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